First Saturday Scholar presentation available on the Web

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James Collins, professor of film, television and theatre; Mary Rose D’Angelo, associate professor of theology; and Charles Barber, associate professor of art, art history and design, offered insights on Sept. 9 into the cinematic quality of the film, the historical relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the theological role of the art depicted.

Sponsored by Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, the Saturday Scholar Series presentations begin three and one-half hours before kickoff of each home football game and are held in the Annenberg Auditorium of the Snite Museum of Art.

The next presentation will be Sept. 16 and will feature Eugene Ulrich, Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology, with a lecture titled “The Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls on our Bible.” Ulrich has served for many years as one of the principal editors of the scrolls.

The most recent lecture in the Saturday Scholar Series at the University of Notre Dame, “More Than a Movie? Assessing `The Da Vinci Code,’” is available for viewing on the Web at:



For more information on the Saturday Scholar Series, including a schedule of speakers, visit .

Originally published by Susan Guibert at on September 13, 2006.