Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas to be celebrated at ND Mass

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The feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of universities and students, will be observed at the University of Notre Dame with a Mass at 5:15p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 28) in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Rev. Paul Kollman, C.S.C., assistant professor of theology at Notre Dame, will preside at the Mass, and sacred music will be provided by the Basilica Schola Choir.

St. Thomas, a 13th century philosopher and theologian, was declared a “doctor of the church” in the 16th century. The title is given to men and women notable both for holiness and the benefits derived by the church from their example and teaching.

“Catholic education, and the life of the University of Notre Dame in particular, is an extraordinary gift that the Church offers to the world as an expression of her faithfulness to the knowledge and love of its creator,” said John O’Callaghan, director of Notre Dame’s Jacques Maritain Center. “Since all of St. Thomas Aquinas’ work expresses a life spent in the pursuit of truth within the light of those fundamental truths, it is fitting that the Church urges universities and their students to seek his intercession in their lives as well. We are blessed at the University of Notre Dame with the opportunity to do so.”

The Mass is sponsored by the Maritain Center, and the departments of theology and philosophy.

Contact: Professor O’Callaghan at 574-631-5153 or o’callaghan.1@nd.edu

Originally published by Michael O. Garvey at newsinfo.nd.edu on January 26, 2009.