Conference and symposium to examine moral education

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The Association for Moral Education (AME) will hold its 34th annual conference, titled “Faith, Democracy and Values: The Challenge of Moral Formation in Families, Schools and Societies,” at the University of Notre Dame from Nov. 13 to 15 (Thursday to Saturday).

Featuring more than 100 presenters from around the world, the conference aims to examine moral education and the ways it informs and, in turn is informed by, faith and political perspectives in a diverse and complex global community. Principal speakers for the event will be James Youniss, Wylma R. and James R. Curtin Professor of Psychology at Catholic University and Fellow of the Life Cycle Institute, and Carolyn Nordstrom, professor of anthropology at Notre Dame.

The AME is the leading professional society for social scientists studying moral psychology and education.

In conjunction with the conference, Notre Dame’s Center for Ethical Education (CEE) will hold its second annual Notre Dame Symposium on Moral Personality on Nov. 13. This event will explore the relationship between personality theories and moral character with the aim of providing a psychological foundation for moral education. Speakers for the symposium are John Doris of Washington University in St. Louis, Owen Flanagan and David Wong of Duke University, Jorge Moll of the National Institutes of Health, and Linda Stitka of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The CEE (soon to be renamed the Collaborative on Ethical Education) builds ethical community and character and envisions a world in which media, sports and schooling embrace opportunities for ethical leadership and intentionally promote ethical growth. The center accomplishes its goals by fostering scholarship and developing resources for education, sports and media.

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Originally published by Julie Hail Flory at on November 05, 2008.