Catholic Intellectual Life: Student Perspectives

Author: Todd Boruff and Mary Haley

For students at the "University of Notre Dame":, the unparalleled liberal arts education they receive is grounded in and enhanced by the Catholic intellectual life fostered on campus. “The Catholic education at Notre Dame is the foundation of the education here,” said German and psychology major Elise Murray. Catholicism is an essential part of courses that every student takes in the "College of Arts and Letters":, such as theology and philosophy, but it also serves as a background for all fields of study, from analyzing the consequences of poverty in an economics class to learning how to use design for social good. Students are encouraged to examine enduring questions and explore cultures and traditions across time and around the world. “We're thinking about the impact, we're trying to be compassionate, and we're trying to do something that's really worthwhile for the world,” said history major Camille Suarez. “I'm not Catholic, but I found one of the most valuable gifts that this university offers is providing a Catholic perspective,” said sociology major Sam Lee. Thanks to a Catholic education, Lee discovered what he feels is his primary purpose: helping people in need. “That wouldn’t have come without the Catholic spirit of this University,” he said. _You can also "watch this video on YouTube":