20th anniversary Student Film Festival runs Jan. 22 to 24

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The University of Notre Dame will present its 20th annual Student Film Festival from Jan. 22 to 24 (Thursday to Saturday) at 6:30 and 9:30p.m. each evening in the Browning Cinema of the DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts.

Admission is $6 for the general public, $5 for faculty and staff and $3 for students. Tickets are available by calling 574-631-2800 or visiting http://performingarts.nd.edu on the Web.

The approximately 110-minute presentation will exhibit 14 short films made as class projects during the past year by students studying the art of filmmaking in advanced, intermediate and introductory film and video production courses taught in the Department of Film, Television and Theatre (FTT). All films are shot on location, most in the South Bend area, and feature the acting talents of local residents, as well as Notre Dame students and faculty.

This year’s featured films include:

  • “Dana,” the story of a Native American student at Notre Dame who struggles adjusting to college life away from her Navajo reservation, by Benford Begay and Macarena Ivanissevich;
  • “The Deily Work,” which documents the spiritual rituals of an Opus Dei member, from the Windmoor House in South Bend to the Vatican in Rome, by Eric Sales and Julian Owyong;
  • “Deaners,” by Brittany Lash and Jenni Fong, suggests that Fairmount, Ind., is the perfect place to live for a James Dean fan;
  • “Our Lady’s Bouncers,” a real depiction of the difficulty Notre Dame students encounter when trying to drive their cars on campus, by Danielle Sclafani, Christina Marzo and Katie Dare;
  • “Believe in You,” a music video by the John Conroy Band, by Mark Weber and Ian Cooney;
  • “Blocked,” a stylish illustration of the relationship between a writer and a romantic interest, by Ryan Geldermann and Mark Lyons;
  • “The Birthday Wish,” which addresses two interlocking themes: birthdays and wishes, by Daniel Clark and Elise Yahner;
  • “7 Minutes in Hell,” by Kate Leszkowicz and Terrail Lambert, confirms that harmless fun can quickly turn into trouble;
  • “Javier Ramos 6/18,” a film for everyone who has ever felt trapped on a seemingly endless phone call, by Matthew Degnan;
  • “Cirrhosis with Coda,” an experiment in film poetry in which a female tells of her past in verse and concludes, “I am just an indentured servant to madmen,” by Ashley Ahn Williams and Benford Begay;
  • “Prologue,” a numbing story about a teenage boy who reconstructs the events of the night his best friend was raped, by Joe Piarulli and Dan Milan;
  • “Reveries of Desire,” which follows a paper pusher’s efforts to save the girl-next-desk from his evil boss, by John Meehan, Becky Katricak and Rob Doone;
  • “The Dinner Guest,” an elegant period piece about a close knit family that prepares for the arrival of their mother’s suitor, by Joe Gleason;
  • “Confessions,” by Krissy Estrada and Luke Tabit, which illustrates that confessions are meant to be private.
    More information about the event is available on the Web at www.nd.edu/~ftt .

Contact: Ted Mandell, FTT, 574-631-6953, tmandell@nd.edu

Originally published by Mollie Zubek at newsinfo.nd.edu on January 19, 2009.