AFTLS Performance: "Romeo and Juliet"


Location: Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame


The passion of youthful love is never more vivid than in Romeo and Juliet, arguably Shakespeare’s most beloved and well-known work. Alternating between laugh-out-loud comedy, exuberant romance, and wrenching tragedy, Romeo and Juliet features Shakespeare’s greatest romantic pairing: a star-crossed duo whose passion careens into disaster. Populated with immortal characters, high drama, and Shakespeare’s most famed passages, Romeo and Juliet is as powerful as ever.
The feud between two dynastic families is put to the ultimate test when Romeo, of the Montague family, and Juliet, of the Capulets, fall deeply into love. Prevented from marrying by their warring families yet unable to turn away from each other, the lovers embark on a dangerous plan to secretly wed, leading to unexpected yet devastating consequences.
Actors From The London Stage, the globally celebrated 5-actor touring company, returns with a fresh new staging of Shakespeare’s immortal tale. With each actor portraying multiple roles, Romeo and Juliet is a stirring, engaging, and moving night of theatre.


  • Grace Andrews: Juliet / Benvolio / Apothecary
  • Kaffe Keating: Mercutio / Capulet / Balthasar / Abraham
  • Hilary Maclean: Nurse / Prince / Paris / Friar John / Old Capulet / Sampson
  • Jonathan Oldfield: Friar Lawrence / Lady Capulet / Tybalt / Peter / Montague
  • Thomas Wingfield: Romeo / Lady Montague / Gregory


  • Jan. 23-29: Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
  • Jan. 30-Feb. 5: Rice University, Houston, TX
  • Feb. 6-12: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
  • Feb. 13-19: John Carroll University, University Heights, OH
  • Feb. 20-26: University of North Alabama, Florence, AL
  • Feb. 27-Mar. 5: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
  • More locations to be announced!

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