Lecture: "Newsroom Geography" with Tim Wallace of The New York Times


Location: Carey Auditorium, Hesburgh Library

The Office of Digital Learning presents “Newsroom Geography,” a lecture with Tim Wallace, graphics editor and cartographer at The New York Times.

Maps have been an integral part of news reporting at The New York Times for well over a century. Every event that takes place takes place somewhere and is in some way influenced by its surrounding landscape. Similarly, the landscape itself is affected by events that develop within it, whether those events concern politics, climate, demography, economics, agriculture, poverty, terrorism, or war. This talk will shine a light on when and how maps and spatial analysis are employed by The New York Times and how we determine the best possible way to tell the story of an event through its geography.

Tim Wallace is a graphics editor and cartographer at The New York Times, where he makes maps and charts on whatever topic the news dictates. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and expects to graduate in the spring. Tim’s background in archaeology and GIS and his love of photography help inform the way he tells stories with maps and images.

This event is part of Notre Dame’s second annual Digital Week, sponsored by the Office of Digital Learning, in collaboration with the Hesburgh Libraries Center for Digital Scholarship, the Center for Research Computing, and OIT Teaching and Learning Technologies. The week will showcase the best of digital teaching, learning, and research taking place at Notre Dame.

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