Notre Dame Center for Liturgy Symposium: Liturgy as Healing



Monday, June 16 – Thursday, June 19

The theme of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy’s 2014 symposium is Liturgy as Healing, with particular attention dedicated to the rites of penance and the pastoral care of the sick. Topics to be addressed in the sessions, and their presenters, include:

  • Jesus Christ as the Great Physician (Fr. John Behr, Dean, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary),
  • Healing, Medicine, and Philosophy (John O’Callaghan, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Jacques Maritain Center, University of Notre Dame),
  • The History of the Rites of Healing (Anne McGowan, Teaching Scholar, Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame),
  • The Healing Power of Beauty (Jennifer N. Martin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame), and
  • The Theology of Reconciliation (Fr. Emmanuel Katongole, Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame).