Profiles on Standing Against Hate: the St. Mary's College Straight and Gay Alliance


Location: Geddes Hall, Andrews Auditorium

Join the Progressive Student Alliance to recognize the work that the St. Mary's College Straight and Gay Alliance has done on its campus to combat prejudice, intolerance, and homophobia, and for a discussion on the role that gay-straight alliance student groups play on faith-based campuses. The panel will include: * Mary Rose D’Angelo, associate professor of theology, University of Notre Dame * Sarah Medina Steimer, SMC '06 and first president of the officially recognized SAGA * Cristina Bueno, SMC junior and president of SAGA * Rebecca Jones, SMC senior and vice-president of SAGA

This panel is brought to you by the Progressive Student Alliance as part of the 4 to 5 Movement. Sponsored by the Gender Studies Program, the College Democrats, and the Notre Dame Progressive Faculty Staff Alliance