The Promise of Studying "The Troubles": Reinventing Conflict Studies in Northern Ireland


Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C103

Christian Davenport; professor of peace studies, political science, and sociology; Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Much research concerning “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland focuses on the 4,000 political deaths that occurred. Davenport’s research looks at the wide variety of other activities that took place (arrests, detentions, torture, road stops, home searches/invasions), the wide variety of techniques used to collect and distribute information (news articles, news broadcasts, government reports, NGO reports, eyewitness testimony, film, animation), and the diverse actors who were involved (Catholic Republicans, Protestant Loyalists, the British military, and non-politically oriented individuals).

In this talk, Davenport will present an attempt to bring all of these elements together in the Northern Ireland Research Initiative.