Imagine A World with Atlantic Records

(part of a series)

The music industry moves FAST. A LOT happens in a short time. CDs were MASSIVE in 1998…by 2004 we had been through Napster, and iTunes was a force to be reckoned with. In 2008, iTunes ruled the music-buying kingdom. By 2014…Spotify! In 2018, streaming was exploding and more music meant more everything! The streaming gold rush! And by 2024? Mass uploading to platforms means more is NOT necessarily more…breaking through for new artists is SO SO very hard now. In every sea-change in the industry, opportunity has emerged.

So…let’s fast forward to 2030. Consider the key multiple stakeholders of the industry: artists/musicians and songwriters, fans, corporate entities: labels and publishers, LiveNation/Ticketmaster, distribution/commercial/retail (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, record shops, etc.), and promotion companies (radio, TikTok, Meta, new startups and beyond).


You have funding to launch an INDUSTRY-CHANGING initiative. What is it? How does it make IMPACT (not just money), IMPROVE the industry for stakeholders, TRANSFORM the landscape, and BETTER society through the art of music?