Exhibition: Markings

Location: Milly and Fritz Kaeser Mestrovic Studio Gallery, Snite Museum of Art

Korean-born artist Koo Kyung Sook created this set of six prints on handmade mulberry paper by applying photographic developing solution to fabric that was placed over sheets of photographic paper—and then lying atop the fabric. Impressions made by the weight and movement of her body were then scanned and printed by an inkjet printer.

Commenting on the process, Chung Hwan Kho oberserves, “Although she borrows the computer to increase scale, the images cannot be placed in the category of digitally-generated art. For the most part, her method falls outside existing photographic categories and might best be called bodygraphs. Regardless of how we might choose to label the work [it] represents a new synthesis of her unique and introspective investigation of the body, identity, and existence.”

This exhibit is on view from January 24, 2010 through March 7, 2010 and is free and open to the public.