Monday, October 8, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The 2018 Annual Conway Lectures "The Rhetoric of Mysticism"


Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

The Medieval Institute presents The 2018 Annual Conway Lectures. The lecture series brings together senior scholars of international distinction to Notre Dame each fall to speak on topics across a variety of disciplines. 

Niklaus Largier is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, where he holds the Sidney and Margaret Ancker Chair in the Humanities. He has published on medieval mysticism, the history of ascetic practices, prayer, and aesthetic experience. His books include an edition of the works of Meister Eckhart (Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, 1993); In Praise of the Whip: A Cultural History of Arousal

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lecture: "Improving Healthcare in America with Health Information Technology--The Technology is the Easy Part"


Location: E378 Corbett Family Hall

Paul Uhrig, Chief Administrative Officer with Surescripts presents this lecture. As Acting CEO of Surescripts in 2014, Uhrig led the company though a leadership transition and exceeded all corporate goals. He created a new brand story, and re-contracted with customers accounting for a majority of the company’s revenues. Currently, he is responsible for the P&L and operations of CDT

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturdays with the Saints: Matteo Ricci, S.J.


Location: Geddes Hall Auditorium

Saturdays with the Saints is a Notre Dame football game day lecture series that combines the university’s rich traditions of Catholic faith and spirited game days.

McGrath Institute for Church Life welcomes Fr. Nathan O'Halloran, S.J., COR Chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College, presenting "Matteo Ricci: A Saint for Inculturation." …

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Saturday Scholar Lecture: “Why ‘​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frankenstein’​​​​​​​ Matters at 200: Rethinking the Human through the Arts and Sciences”


Location: Annenberg Auditorium, Snite Museum of Art

A different game plan for autumn weekends. You are invited to join in discussion with Notre Dame’s most engaging faculty on some of the most pressing and fascinating issues of our times.

Eileen Hunt Botting, Professor of Political Science
Greg Kucich, Professor of English

Mary Shelley's classic novel, Frankenstein

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cushwa Center Lecture: "Sex and American Christianity: The Religious Divides that Fractured a Nation"


Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

R. Marie Griffith will deliver the 2018 Cushwa Center Lecture. Griffith is John C. Danforth Distinguished Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, where she directs the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. She is the author of Moral Combat: How Sex Divided American Christians and Fractured American Politics

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Lecture: "Primo Levi e Dante: quattro casi (più o meno noti)" / "Primo Levi & Dante: Four Cases (More or Less Known)"


Location: Special Collections

Dante’s Divina Commedia is one of the most, if not the most quoted book in the works of Primo Levi. In many books or chapters, often across several pages in a row, we find either explicit references or allusions to Dante. Since a systematic approach is impossible, a symptomatic approach will be proposed in this lecture. Professor Franceschini will consider:…

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Seminar: "The Concept of Woman Seminar"

Location: Notre Dame Conference Center, Rm. 100-104

Organized to mark the monumental achievement of Sr. Prudence Allen’s completion of the three-volume work, The Concept of Woman, this day-long seminar invites us to engage the vast historical and philosophical contribution of Sr. Allen’s work of tracing the development of the concept of woman from the pre-Socratics to the modern day. With an eye toward continuing the task masterfully laid out in The Concept of Woman

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Excellence in Teaching Conference

Location: University of Notre Dame

The 2-day conference will capitalize on the field-tested methods of Project GLAD (the Guided Language Acquisition Design Model), a program begun on the West Coast to promote language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross-cultural skills in PreK-12 classrooms across the curriculum. Proven so effective that entire school districts have formally adopted the program, the Be GLAD

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