Faculty Teaching Resources

Teaching Beyond the Classroom Grants (TBC) provide funding to faculty and graduate students in support of cultural excursions and academic experiences aimed at enhancing teaching and student learning beyond the classroom.

Teaching Beyond the Classroom University Travel Expectations Travel FAQs and Notre Dame International: Trip Leader Resources (draft)

Table Talk Program

Table Talk and Meal Tickets are two sources of funding to encourage interaction between undergraduate students and faculty members or TAs in a relaxed social setting.

Incorporating arts into the curriculum—with films, musical performances, or an exhibition—can add another dimension to courses and to the student experience.

Guidebook 2017 is compiled each year by the Office for Undergraduate Studies and is meant to orient new faculty to the College of Arts and Letters.

The Kaneb Center supports the pursuit of teaching excellence by stimulating scholarly reflection and conversation about teaching and encouraging the adoption of practices that enhance learning.

Grants are also available through:

Helpful Tools for Faculty Travel: Faculty Tools to Use from NDI's Travel website.