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Video: The Arts at Notre Dame inspire passion and enrich education

Author: Todd Boruff

Enlightening. Enriching. Challenging. Sacred.
Through the arts, you can find inspiration. Broaden understanding. Build community. And make a difference in the world.
Notre Dame is home to a vibrant arts community with world-class facilities, internationally renowned faculty and visiting artists, and remarkable student engagement.
The arts at Notre Dame offer myriad opportunities for creative exploration. But they’re also a path to spirituality, a way to address social injustice, a tool to solve problems, and a means to connect with everyone around us.

Notre Dame is dedicated to providing an outstanding education to the next generation of artists and to fostering an environment where every member of the campus community is encouraged to participate.
Along the way, students from across the University they discover new passions, enrich their education, develop skills that can be applied to any profession, and build the foundation for a lifelong engagement with the arts.

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