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Video: Notre Dame Economist Timothy Fuerst on Policy Questions and Economic Modeling

Author: Arts and Letters

“If you only like philosophy, then be a philosopher. If you only like history, then be a historian. If you only like mathematics, then be a mathematician. But if you like all of those things, you should be an economist,” says Timothy S. Fuerst, the William and Dorothy O’Neill Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

One of the most-cited economists in the world, Fuerst also serves as senior economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. His research and teaching interests include monetary theory and policy, with a special focus on business cycles.

In this video, he discusses his research on non-trivial lending problems and the importance of asking the right questions when creating economic models.

“There are so many important questions we don’t know answers to,” Fuerst says. “There are so many important questions that policy makers would like some input on. Once you start to think about economics, it’s hard to think about anything else.”

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