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Video: Meet Philosophy Graduate Student Amy Seymour

Author: Todd Boruff

“I actually knew that I wanted to do graduate work at Notre Dame when I was a sophomore in college,” said Amy Seymour, a Ph.D. candidate in Notre Dame’s graduate program in philosophy.

Seymour chose Notre Dame, she said, because of the reputation of the University’s Center for Philosophy of Religion. She noted that at Notre Dame, “you’re allowed to have conversations in which you can assume God’s existence to talk about other things,” in addition to engaging in “preliminary ‘Does God exist?’ sorts of questions.”

Her work focuses on presentism, a philosophical doctrine asserting that the only events or objects that exist are ones that occur in the present. Her dissertation attempts to reconcile “certain particular issues with freedom and free will” that have recently emerged in philosophy.

“There’s a really great philosophical community here,” she said. “You’ve got people who are incredible scholars, who are also very willing to give their time for you and help you become an incredible scholar as well.”

Seymour has accepted a position as assistant professor of philosophy at Fordham University.

You can also watch this video on YouTube.