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Video: Meet French Major Paulina Luna

Author: Todd Boruff

“I’ve always been fascinated by France, and I just love the sounds of the language,” said Pauli Luna ’15, a French and Francophone studies major in the College of Arts and Letters.

Notre Dame’s French and Francophone Studies major in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures instructs students in a truly global language, spoken by nearly 275 million people worldwide. Courses on French literature and culture immerse students in the diverse aspects of French life while also helping them develop problem-solving and analytical skills.

Luna spent the summer of 2014 studying abroad in Avignon, France, an experience which helped put her classwork into perspective.

“To speak this language every day becomes very natural,” Luna said. “You start thinking in French. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Luna, who earned a supplementary major in Arts and Letters pre-health, plans to attend medical school and work in global health.

“I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor, and my biggest goal would be to do work in Haiti or Africa, and so I think having the French background would be perfect for that," she said.

Luna is currently teaching for one year at Louverture Cleary, a Catholic secondary school outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

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