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Video: Joshua Lund, associate professor of Spanish, on the poetics of paramilitarism

Author: Todd Boruff

“When we think about paramilitarism, we tend to think about a rather contemporary history around counterinsurgency warfare, but that moment is actually linked to a much longer history that goes back to the very formation of modern American states,” said Joshua Lund, associate professor of Spanish at the University of Notre Dame.

Lund studies Latin American film, literature, and cultural politics. His published works include two books, The Mestizo State (2012) and The Impure Imagination (2006), a co-edited volume of scholarship on Gilberto Freyre, and essays on a range of cultural topics.

One of his current projects is co-organizing "Men with Guns," an interdisciplinary symposium and book on cultures of paramilitarism in the modern Americas. Much of his work has focused on how history was converted into aesthetic projects such as popular novels and films.

“The paramilitary subject, usually a man, became such a folk hero,” Lund said. “This is a history that reverberates all the way up to today.”