Video: FTT Student Interns at CBS News

Author: Todd Boruff

Notre Dame senior Adam Llorens spent the summer interning for CBS News at the company’s broadcast headquarters in New York City. “The thing I like the most…is that every day is different,” says Llorens, a film, television, and theatre major from Detroit, Mich.

Llorens worked within the investigative unit of CBS News, working closely with producers, pitching stories, doing research, and checking facts. He was also selected to anchor an intern group project, providing him with the opportunity to sit at the CBS Evening News desk to record a staged newscast.

Llorens says that he received first-class treatment: “I came in and got my makeup done and they had the script ready for me and…a full studio crew. I really appreciated that and it really made for an experience that I’m not going to be forgetting any time soon.”

To help pay for his living expenses during the internship, he took advantage of the Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program, which provides funding to sophomores and juniors who take full-time internships anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. “Living in Manhattan is not easy, mentally or financially,” says Llorens. “This grant has really helped support me during the summer. It’s taken a lot of stress off my back.”

“It’s so important to get experience outside of the classroom and in the real world and the internship is the perfect opportunity to do that,” says Llorens.

His internship experience paid off. Llorens has secured a job as a news associate at CBS This Morning in New York City.

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