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Donaruma Wins Second Accolade Competition Award

Author: Brittany Johnson

Categories: General News, Alumni, Arts, and Faculty News

William Donaruma, a faculty member in the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television and Theatre, has been honored in the 2010 Accolade Competition with an Award of Excellence: Feature Documentary for his film “Strong Bodies Fight.” Donaruma also won an Accolade Award of Merit: Direction in 2009 for his short film “Gotta Get Out!”

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All Art is Propaganda

Author: Lisa Walenceus

Categories: General News and Arts

Sophomore Kelly Fallon’s eyes light up when she talks about her visit to Ditchling, the small village in East Sussex, England, where, in 1921, Eric Gill founded the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic. The guild was a Roman Catholic community of artists and craftsmen, inspired by medieval guilds. “I’d never heard of Gill before,” she says, “but going to Ditchling and seeing so many people who knew Gill and the guild really brought home to me how important he was to English art.”

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Bringing George Rickey Home

Author: Arts and Letters

Categories: General News and Arts

Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art will host a symposium Sept. 25 and 26 dedicated to George Rickey, a major modern artist who was a native of South Bend and whose estate has given a significant amount of his work and correspondence to the University.

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