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Journaling Success in Comparative Politics

Categories: Faculty News, Research, and General News

messina_coppedge In 2002, the American Political Science Assocation awarded Notre Dame the opportunity to publish APSA-CP for four years andrecently announced that APSA-CP will continue to be published at Notre Dame until 2010. Michael Coppedge and Anthony Messina, associate professors of political science, co-edit the journal.

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Showing "Big Love" For Her Students

Author: Arts and Letters

Categories: Faculty News and General News

scott_siiri_ftt You step into the final week of rehearsals for the Department of Film, Television, and Theater’s (FTT) new play. The actors warm up for their scenes, and the production crew prepares the stage. Suddenly a young woman in a Notre Dame sweatshirt and jeans commands the students’ attention and begins the final scene of the play.

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