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Prenatal exposure to violence leads to increased toddler aggression toward mothers, study finds

Author: Amanda Skofstad

Categories: Research, General News, Faculty News, and Centers and Institutes

Babies whose mothers experience interpersonal violence during pregnancy are more likely to exhibit aggression and defiance toward their mothers in toddlerhood, according to new research by Laura Miller-Graff, assistant professor of psychology and peace studies, and Jennifer Burke Lefever, managing director of the William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families.

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A legacy shared: Maria Irene Fornés, mother of Latinx theatre

Author: Lauren Melancon

Categories: General News, Centers and Institutes, and Arts

Honoring the legacy of Maria Irene Fornés, mother of Latinx theatre, the annual Fornés Playwriting Workshop aims to pass Fornés’ unique writing style on to a new generation of Latinx theatre artists. Conceived by Anne García-Romero, an associate professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, this weeklong workshop in Chicago brings together 14 writers from across the country to work intensely with award-winning playwright and Fornés protégé Migdalia Cruz.

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Program of Liberal Studies professor Denis Robichaud wins Rome Prize, supporting research on 15th-century philosopher

Author: Carrie Gates

Categories: Research, Internationalism, General News, and Faculty News

Robichaud was one of 29 Rome Prize winners this year, chosen from among nearly 1,000 artists and scholars across the United States. The prize allows him to serve as a resident fellow at the American Academy in Rome for the 2018–19 academic year, where he will continue work on his book, the Marsilio Ficino Editions Project.

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