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Notre Dame Senior Makes Documentary on Fan Influence and Pop Culture

Author: Joanna Basile

Categories: General News and Arts

Television plays a role in the daily lives of most Americans—but its impacts can be even greater among the fan groups that spring up around popular shows. To explore the interplay between one television director’s work and the fan culture it inspires, Notre Dame senior Stephanie DePrez recently traveled to Southern California to research and film a short documentary.

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Notre Dame’s Peace Institute Responds to Middle East Tumult

Author: Joan Fallon

Categories: General News, Centers and Institutes, Internationalism, and Faculty News

Scholars at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies have been following with special interest the tumultuous events transforming Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries in the Middle East. To draw faculty, students and the community into this conversation, the Kroc Institute has organized a public panel titled “Democratic Revolution in the Middle East? The Rise of Civil Disobedience in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Beyond.”

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Student Conference to Explore Human Development and the Common Good

Author: Julie Hail Flory

Categories: General News, Research, Centers and Institutes, Internationalism, and Catholicism

The third annual Human Development Conference February 11-12 at the University of Notre Dame will bring together hundreds of students and guests from Notre Dame and universities as far away as Uganda to share their research experiences in the developing world and discuss the meaning of authentic human development from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

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Historian Asher Kaufman Comments on Leaked Palestinian Papers

Author: Shannon Roddel

Categories: General News, Centers and Institutes, Internationalism, and Faculty News

The recent leak of Palestinian documents pertaining to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations adds to the wave of other leaks of documents that have captured exaggerated attention, according to Asher Kaufman, associate professor of history and peace studies at the University of Notre Dame. “However, this may mark the first time Palestinian leadership was officially willing to reconcile with leaving certain communities under Israeli rule.”

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IEI and Writing Center Collaborate with Local Schools

Author: Bill Schmitt

Categories: General News and Centers and Institutes

The Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) at the University of Notre Dame has entered a collaboration aimed at helping public and parochial school students in neighboring communities to improve their writing skills. The Power of Writing Project, brings the IEI together with the South Bend Community School Corporation, the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, and Notre Dame’s Writing Center.

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Philosophy Alumnus Returns to Leadership Role at Kellogg Institute

Author: Carol Bradley

Categories: General News, Alumni, Centers and Institutes, and Internationalism

Steve Reifenberg graduated from Notre Dame in 1981. Nearly 30 years later, he’s back as the new executive director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, where he oversees strategic planning and international and public policy initiatives and teaches international development and Latin American studies.

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Psychologist Darcia Narvaez Researches Child Development and Violence

Author: Kate Garry

Categories: General News, Research, and Faculty News

Though isolated acts of violence rarely can be attributed to a single cause, there is one trait common to many perpetrators, according to University of Notre Dame Psychology Professor Darcia Narvaez: as children, often they were neglected or exposed to traumatic violence, both of which raise the risk for the development of schizophrenia or other psychotic symptoms later in life.

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Documentarian Danielle Beverly Heads to Sundance Film Festival

Author: Kate Cohorst

Categories: General News, Alumni, Arts, and Faculty News

Danielle Beverly, a visiting assistant professor of filmmaking at Notre Dame, is headed to the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011 for the world premiere of the documentary _Rebirth_. Beverly, who began teaching in the University’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre this fall, spent the last nine years working as the movie’s field producer.

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Psychologist James Brockmole Focuses Research on Eyes and Cognition

Author: Kevin Clarke

Categories: General News, Research, and Faculty News

The eyes may be a window to the soul as far as philosophers are concerned; to Notre Dame Associate Professor James Brockmole they are roving indicators of attention and memory—“the keystones on which human experience is built.” Brockmole’s research in the Department of Psychology looks at how eye movements influence what we pay attention to and how that visual attention translates into useful information and memories.

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