Much Ado About Nothing (AFTLS Spring 2022)


Location: Washington Hall


Exuberant, joyful, and above all ravishly entertaining, Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated and enduringly popular comedies. This delightful romp deftly explores notions of identity, marriage, and communication through the whipcrack sparring between Benedick and Beatrice, two of Shakespeare’s most gloriously realized characters. With its piquant blend of prickly banter, mistaken identities, and swoon-worthy romance, Much Ado About Nothing is sheer theatrical delight. 

Returning home to Messina after distinguishing themselves on the battlefield, a group of soldiers almost immediately become politically and romantically entangled. Chief amongst them is the avowed bachelor Benedick, whose mettle is continually tested by the razor-tongued Beatrice. As plots and counter-plots pile up, Benedick and Beatrice find themselves on a collision course for romance… but only if they can escape the machinations of the scheming Don John.

Actors From The London Stage, the renowned five-actor touring group, makes a triumphant return to Notre Dame stages in January 2022. More details coming soon. 

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