GSL5: Dignity & Justice in Global Service Learning

Location: Conference Center at McKenna Hall

Hosted by the Center for Social Concerns, GSL5: Dignity & Justice in Global Service-Learning Summit will convene secular and faith-based organizations committed to co-educating and collaborating for social change. The Summit calls for critical dialogue and research with particular attention to the role of values in global service-learning and the role of faith-based organizations in social and economic development.

The Summit's theme, Dignity & Justice in Global Service-Learning, aims to bring visibility and awareness to the history, richness of values, and moral dimensions in higher education, including the role of faith-based and secular institutions in supporting community and international development, civic and political engagement, democracy and human rights, while also educating students as faith-filled people and/or socially responsible global citizens. 

Both keynotes will be free and open to the public. These and over 50 additional Summit sessions will be held at the Notre Dame Conference Center. 

For more information, visit the Summit page.