Workshop: Aristotelian Ontologies of Material Beings


Location: 220 Malloy Hall

Workshop to include:

Nicholas Teh, University of Notre Dame and Xavi Lanao, University of Notre Dame: "Dodging the Fundamentalist Threat"

Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P., University of Notre Dame: "Versions of Neo-Hylomorphism and Their Departure from the Aristotelian Ontology"

David Cory, University of America: "Matter and the Elemental Powers in Aquinas"

Gloria Frost, University of St Thomas (Minn.): "Putting Hylomorphism to Work - Aquinas on the Causal Powers of Complex Material Substances"

Therese Sarpelli Cory, University of Notre Dame: "Stretching the Boundaries of the Physcial: The Problem of Light's Spiritual Being in the the Medieval Islamic and Latin Traditions"

Papers will be circulated and read in advance; for copies please write Therese Cory,

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