Symposium on the Qurʾan and Catholic Theology


Location: McKenna Hall, Room 100-104

Panel 1 will include:

  • Mehdi Azaiez (Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at KU Leuven) with “The Qurˈānic Abraham”
  • Enno Dango (graduate student) with “A Catholic Reading of the Qurʾānic alladhīna āmanū wa ʿamilū’ṣ-ṣāliḥāti in the Context of the Biblical Discourse on Justification”
  • Mourad Takawi (graduate student) with “Early Arabic Christian Exegesis of the Qurʾān”
  • Deborah Tor (Associate Professor of History) with “The Qur’ān and the Logos: The Islamic Inquisition of AD 833-852”

Panel 2 will include:

  • Lailatul Fitriyah (graduate student) with “Al-Ma’idah 51 and the State of Muslim-Christian Relations in Today’s Indonesia”
  • Marcin Grodzki from the University of Warsaw with “Modern Qur’anic Scholarship and the Christian-Muslim Dialogue”
  • Anna Moreland from Villanova University with “Speak, Lord, Your Servant is Listening: Muhammad and Christian Prophecy”
  • Gabriel Said Reynolds (Professor Islamic Studies and Theology) with “Interreligious Perspectives on Scripture: The Thought of Muḥammad Aḥmad Khalafallāh and Jacques Jomier on the Qurʾānic Message”

For more information visit the symposium page.

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