Talk: Failures of Attention and Working Memory Performance


Location: B16 Haggar Hall

Cognition, Brain, and Behavior Study Group presents this talk by Kirsten Adam from the University of Chicago. Momentary failures of attention are ubiquitous in everyday life and have important consequences for behavior. In her talk, Adam will discuss the impact of attentional failures on working memory performance.

Kirsten Adam is a fifth-year doctoral student working with Ed Vogel at the University of Chicago. Before graduate school, she received a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame (’12). Kirsten is interested in the relationship between visual attention and working memory, with a focus on how failures of attention adversely impact working memory performance. She uses EEG, modeling, and individual differences approaches to investigate the mechanisms that underlie our cognitive limits.

Lunch for attendees is served at 11:50 am so please come early to fill your plate! Sandwiches and snacks will be served, but please bring your own drink. Please visit here for more information.

All are welcome.