Lecture: Is Social Entrepreneurship the Key to Development? Considerations From an Ethical Perspective


Location: Auditorium, Hesburgh Center for International Studies

In addition to international cooperation and development activities and charity, entrepreneurial initiatives and operations seem to be promising ways of meeting the challenges of today’s world and of creating and fostering development. Social entrepreneurial activities possess the potential to enhance this impact even more by melding the economic rationale and the ethical perspective into sustainable solutions for current global issues. But how do we understand “development”? What does “social entrepreneurship” mean? What is the difference between the corporate contribution and social entrepreneurship’s contribution to development? And how do development and social entrepreneurship interact? After a clarification of these concepts and their interplay, social entrepreneurship will be discussed from an ethical perspective as the key to development.

Peter Kirchschläger is a senior research fellow in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. With research interests that include human rights, business and economic ethics, social entrepreneurship, development, and global politics, he is an expert on the theological and philosophical justifications for human rights.

All are welcome.

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