ShakeScenes 2015


Location: Washington Hall

Collected scenes from and inspired by the works of William Shakespeare
Coordinated by Christy Burgess

Have you ever imagined Darth Vader as King Henry V or Romeo and Juliet meeting at a middle school dance? Or Shakespeare’s best poetry used as pick-up lines or interpreted in sign language? All of this and more awaits you at this year’s ShakeScenes.

Over the course of one weekend, dozens of actors from throughout the community—neighbors, friends, young and old alike—take to the stage with their own unique spin on some of Shakespeare’s most beloved works.

Free performances on Saturday and Sunday each offer a completely different series of ten-minute scenes that are sure to inspire and delight the entire family.

Note: Performances are free but require a ticket. To guarantee your reservation, please pick up your will call tickets at Washington Hall at least 15 minutes before your performance.