Center for Digital Scholarship Opening Reception and Program


Location: Hesburgh Library, 1st Floor Northeast

The Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) in the Hesburgh Library fulfills the vision of the Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame to redefine and transform library spaces for the 21st century. The Libraries have established a new campus destination where humanities, social science, and science and engineering scholars can work collaboratively or independently on projects using shared technology services formerly found in multiple places.

Located in the heart of the Hesburgh Library, the Center for Digital Scholarship incorporates state-of-the-art technology, high-end software and research data sets for scientific analysis and visualization, and professional, discipline-specific consulting and support. The CDS is “where technology transforms the pursuit of knowledge."

4:00p – 6:00p

Center for Digital Scholarship Opening Reception and Program
Hesburgh Library—1st Floor Northeast

4:45p – 5:05p

Celebration Program:
Dr. Thomas G. Burish, Provost
Ronald D. Kraemer, Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information and Digital Officer
Elliott Visconsi, Chief Academic Digital Officer
Diane Parr Walker, Edward H. Arnold University Librarian
and other featured guests

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