Concert: Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame


Location: Reyes Organ Hall, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Sacred Music at Notre Dame presents:

Messe de Nostre Dame
by Guillaume de Machuat

performed by
The Notre Dame Medieval Quartet
Paul Walker, director

Notre Dame’s Medieval Quartet, led by Dr. Paul Walker, will offer a complete performance of the famous Messe de Nostre Dame by the fourteenth-century French composer Guillaume de Machaut.

The four singers are Mark Doerries, director of the Notre Dame Children’s Choir; Daniel Hobbins, associate professor of medieval history at Notre Dame; Jeffrey Cooper, a recent master’s degree graduate of Notre Dame’s Sacred Music program; and Paul Walker, adjunct associate professor in the Department of Music at Notre Dame.

The concert will present Machaut’s Mass as scholars understand it to have been sung during the composer’s lifetime, with four male singers and in a liturgical context that includes all of the Gregorian Chants for a Saturday Ladymass offered every week at a small chapel in Reims Cathedral.

The recital is free but ticketed. Those interested in attending are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance through the box office.