Film Screening: El Ingeniero/The Engineer


Location: Eck Visitor Center Auditorium

According to Director Alejandro Lubezki, the film El Ingeniero "is a portrait of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas’ personal journey during his third presidential campaign. It captures a moment of contemporary history as told from the perspective and experiences of a political group that was defeated. As such, it is a fundamental portion of Mexican history that rarely reaches an audience because it is not written by the victors.

“This documentary shows neither scandal, nor corruption, nor even a redeemer; rather, it demonstrates how politics operates at the highest levels in Mexico, and reveals the human side of a popular leader. It’s like being backstage in the production of an unimaginable play.”

This event is presented as part of “Mexico Week at ND,” by the Mexico Working Group. The Mexico Working Group is a multidisciplinary group co-chaired by Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellows Allert Brown-Gort and Jaime Pensado. With the goal of strengthening the presence of Mexico and Mexican Americans at Notre Dame, the group brings together faculty and students to present work in progress and discuss relevant issues related to Mexico.

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