Creative Writing MFA Student Reading Series #3


Location: Hesburgh Library, Carey Auditorium

At this third and last first-year-student reading of the semester, prose writer Margaret Emma Brandl and poets Thade Correa, Megan Elise, and Drew Kalbach will go from the writing workshop straight into the record books with their first Notre Dame MFA reading. These public readings are an opportunity to share with their peers and the greater community the work they’ve produced over their first year in the Creative Writing Program.

These readers make no promises for your safety, only for the imminent invigoration and the mental stimulation and the sure-fire reduction of your aesthetics to warm and contented goo: Margaret Emma Brandl will take you up sweet and gentle through chaos and disasters; Thade Correa will shine a golden searchlight straight down through your wide-eyed stare; Megan Elise will sackcloth and ash you, remark and remake you; and Drew Kalbach will grudgingly worship at the porcelain fount of cataracting metaphor.

Come see what these up-and-coming writers have to offer.

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Sponsored by Creative Writing Program