The Arab Spring in Egypt: Background and Analysis


Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C103

Featuring: * David Burrell, C.S.C. Hesburgh Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame * Dareen Khattab Gender and juvenile justice analyst, United Nations Development Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People

Burrell and Khattab will provide an overview of historical, socio-political, religious, and gender issues related to the uprising in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Burrell will examine how these events have presented new challenges and opportunities for Christian-Muslim dialogue. Khattab will explore the impact of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and U.S. foreign policy on the Egyptian revolution. A member of Notre Dame's faculty since 1964, David Burrell has written nine books on philosophy and theology and translated Islamic classics from Arabic to English. He teaches comparative theology at Tanzania College in Nairobi. Dareen Khattab is a graduate of the Kroc Institute's master's program in international peace studies. A Palestinian, she lives and works in the occupied Palestinian territory.