Conference: Stories of Practical Holiness: An Exercise in Interreligious Understanding

Location: McKenna Hall

The conference objective is to bring together Buddhist, Sikh, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish perspectives and share stories of holiness across faith traditions in order to promote interreligious understanding and admiration.

“Stories of Practical Holiness” offers a glimpse into the lives of exemplary witnesses among diverse religions so as to engender a deeper capacity for solidarity and unity, without reducing religion to the least common denominator or, merely, a social force. Rather, the pedagogy of admiration expands the imagination so as to provide a more robust image of religion and its significance in society and move toward the shared goal of practical works of love, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The conference will run February 5–8, 2012. For additional information, visit the conference website.

Sponsored by the Institute for Church Life and the Fetzer Institute, with support from the Center for Social Concerns, the Department of Theology, and Multicultural Student Programs and Services.