Diseases of Poverty: A Major Problem ... A Problem for Every Major


Location: Geddes Hall, Andrews Auditorium

A dynamic group of Notre Dame faculty spanning a diverse range of academic departments will offer six–eight minute presentations on how their field can contribute to the fight against diseases of poverty like Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Speakers and their topics include:

  • Sociology—Terence McDonnell on the cultural dimensions of public health communication and intervention campaigns
  • Business—Fr. Ollie Williams on business ethics and corporate governance; specific focus on the work of a partnership of Merck, the Gates Foundation, and the government of Botswana to deliver medicines and treatment to those suffering from HIV/AIDS in Botswana
  • Psychology—Darcia Narvaez on the connection between psychological moral development and decision-making by global leaders and individuals regarding charitable/social justice movements
  • The Catholic Social Tradition Program—Bill Purcell on Catholic social teaching focusing on the option for the poor and the Church’s teaching on healthcare issues
  • Biology—Marie-Denise Milord with an overview of NTDs in general and specifically in the country of Haiti; personal experience with public health administration
  • Theology—Gustavo Gutierrez on how the liberation theology tradition can inform and encourage the movement against diseases of poverty because “to be poor means to die young”