The Changing Face of the American Family


Location: Washington Hall

Each year, the Notre Dame Reunion hosts a panel called Notre Dame Perspectives panel which features leading faculty discussing relevant issues of our time. In the last century, the family unit, arguably the single most important social institution in America today, has undergone many changes. A response to forces both external and internal, these changes have altered family dynamics and impacted society as a whole in significant ways. Join in conversation with this year's panel of Notre Dame faculty experts from a variety of academic disciplines —including psychology, economics, gender studies, and law—to explore the many forces that shape the ever-changing American family. Panelists include: * John G. Borkowski, Andrew J. McKenna Family Research Chair, Department of Psychology * Margaret F. Brinig, associate dean for faculty research and Fritz Duda Family Chair in Law * Kasey S. Buckles, assistant professor, Department of Economics * Professor Daniel K. Lapsley, professor and chair, Department of Psychology

Moderating the event will be Susan C. Ohmer, assistant provost, University of Notre Dame; and associate professor and William T. Carey and Helen-Kuhn Carey Chair in Modern Communication, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre. _This event is sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters, Notre Dame Law School, and the Alumni Association._