Conflict Research: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable


Location: Hesburgh Center, Room C103

There are a wide variety of methods that individuals could use to examine peace and conflict. The objective of this roundtable is to explore the different methodologies that are available. Using concrete examples, speakers will identify how each methodology attempts to deal with the topic, indicate what source material they consult, describe the range of issues that are addressed, provide concrete examples, and consider strengths and weaknesses of each methodology. Panelists include: * Cat Bolten (anthropology)—ethnography, * Kraig Beyerlein (sociology)—surveys, * Monika Nalepa (political science)—formal theory, * Asher Kaufman (history)—historical method, and * Christian Davenport (political science)—content analysis.

Anyone concerned with systematically understanding peace and conflict is welcome to attend.