Indian Classical Music Concert


Location: Hesburgh Library, Carey Auditorium

Ganesh and Kumaresh, violin,
with Tanjavur Govindarajan, thavil (barrel drum),
and Pathri Satish Kumar, mridangam (double-headed drum)

Ganesh and Kumaresh are well known for their scintillating and spirited violin recitals
over three decades. They have captivated audiences across the world, keeping them
spellbound and enthralled with their electrifying energy. Trained by their father, Shri
Rajagopalan, Ganesh and Kumaresh completed their 100th stage appearance before
the younger brother turned ten. By the time they reached their teens, they were rubbing
shoulders with veterans in the music field. The brothers have won numerous awards;
they were named State Artistes of the state of Tamil Nadu in 1983 and honored as
Asthana Vidwans of the Sri Matam of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

Tickets will be available at the door. General admission is $10.00, AICMS members and ND/SMC faculty tickets are $5.00, and student admission is free.

A performance by the Asian Indian Classical Music Society

For further information, contact Amitava Dutt at 273-0928 or Umesh Garg at 272-2957.