Medieval Institute Conway Lectures: Slip Slidin’ Away: The Nimble Leaps of Early Northern Verse


Location: Hesburgh Library Auditorium

Roberta Frank, Marie Borroff Professor of English, Yale University

Topic: “Removing Weight”

Every year, through the generosity of Notre Dame trustee and Medieval Institute benefactor Robert M. Conway, a distinguished, senior medievalist, the Institute offers a series of three public lectures that subsequently are collected and published as a single volume.

Roberta Frank, Marie Borroff Professor of English, Yale University, is the 2010 Conway Lecturer. Her research interests are wide-ranging and include the literature and history of Northwest Europe in the early medieval period (700—1100), especially Anglo-Saxon England and Viking Scandinavia; Old English poetic style; Northern legend; Victorian and twentieth-century medievalisms; and the afterlife of Tacitus. Her Conway lectures will look at three types of narrative indirection in Old English and Old Norse verse—how early alliterative poetry told it ‘slant.’

The other two lectures will also be located in the Hesburgh Library Auditorium:

Wednesday, November 1, 2010
“Artful Forgetting”

Thursday, November 4, 2010
“Jumping the Shark”