Exhibit: Caroline Chiu: Polaroids as Chinese Ink Painting


Location: Milly and Fritz Kaeser Mestrovic Studio Gallery, Snite Museum of Art.

These photographs are taken from Hong Kong artist Caroline Chiu’s larger series entitled “Dreaming: A Chinese Wunderkammer.” Wunderkammer were 17th- and 18th-century European “wonder rooms” or “cabinets of curiosity”––some of the earliest known “museums”––which contained specimens reflecting the natural world, anthropology, archaeology, relics, and art. The late Qing emperor Qianlong, known for his passion for the arts, also pursued this type of collecting.

Concurrent to this Snite Museum of Art exhibition, Chiu will also create a five-day installation on the Notre Dame campus entitled “108 Thoughts on Spirituality” in April.

The artist will speak during a 5-6 p.m. reception on Thursday, April 15.

On exhibit March 14 to April 25, 2010.