Location: Great Hall, O'Shaughnessy Hall

Jump-start your St. Valentine’s Day romance with SONNET-FEST 2010. Join some of Notre Dame’s most famous Shakespeare lovers as they take part in this celebratory reading of all 154 of the poet’s sonnets. (You may be surprised when you see who shows up to pay homage to the Bard!)

All are welcome: This reading is open to all Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff. Drop by the Great Hall anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to hear “what silent love hath writ.” Feel free to bring a bag lunch, listen, and enjoy. Free refreshments will also be served.

Have someone you want to compare to a summer’s day? Interested readers should contact Scott Jackson, executive director of Shakespeare at Notre Dame, by February 5 to schedule a time to read a sonnet.

You do not need to read or register to attend SONNET-FEST 2010—just share our delight in Shakespeare’s timeless love poetry as we read “that thereby beauty’s rose might never die.”

Phone: 574.631.15673


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