An Investment for Life

Through a liberal arts education, you're encouraged and challenged to grapple with the great questions, enduring issues, and current challenges that confront society.

You’ll learn to read critically and analyze data, to write crisply and speak persuasively—all in preparation for becoming the professional, community, and Church leaders our world needs.

With the freedom to study what you love and explore new topics—through interdisciplinary coursework, cultural immersion, and independent research—you will broaden your view of the world, find a greater sense of purpose, and develop a skillset that will help you flourish no matter where your path leads.

“The investment you make in college is not just for the four years of college or for that first job after college. It’s for a lifetime.”

—Sarah A. Mustillo
I.A. O'Shaughnessy Dean of the College of Arts and Letters

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