It’s time to discover more about yourself, your interests, and your likes and dislikes — then start thinking about how you want to make an impact in the world.

  • Sign up for Handshake
    • Complete your profile with your past experiences, a photo, and any other pertinent details
    • Determine your privacy preference: Private, Open to Employers, Open to the entire Handshake Community. Do you want employers looking to fill jobs and internships to be able to find you, or do you want to seek them out?
    • Follow employers of interest, then search for and read job descriptions to learn more about what different roles involve
  • Sign up and complete two Handshake learning labs — “Introduction to the Center For Career Development Learning Lab” and “Discerning Your Career Path” — which are listed under the Events tab. First-year students need to complete these labs before they can make a one-on-one appointment with a career discernment counselor. One-on-one appointments are available starting in your second semester.  
  • Join the career communities for your industries of interest. 
  • Pay attention to the two weeks of career content offered during your Moreau First-Year Experience course in February!
  • Register for IrishCompass and use it to start connecting with the Notre Dame alumni network 
  • Sign up and complete your PathwayU assessment.