Outcomes Data by Major

What types of jobs do Art History majors get? What medical schools do Psychology majors go to? What percentage of German majors are still looking for work six months after graduation? Select any of the following options for an infographic highlighting the outstanding outcomes recent Arts and Letters graduates have achieved—no matter which major they chose.

Note: Outcomes data comes from First Destination reports, a survey of recent graduates conducted by the Notre Dame Career Center and Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research. Status is known for more than 90% of each graduating class. 

The data and examples presented in these infographics include double majors, but do not include graduates whose status is unknown at six months. Independent projects include internships as well as activities such as writing a novel, making a film or fine arts project, traveling the world, caring for a family member, etc.

Statistics are not yet available for all Arts and Letters programs; more infographics will be added as data becomes available for new and growing majors.