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Emily Mediate

Emmie Mediate ’15, Africana Studies and Arts and Letters Pre-health

Rhodes Scholar, University of Oxford

“The most important thing Notre Dame instilled in me is a sense of concern for others. My future goals come from a concern for the common good, and a sense that there is something bigger out there to fight for--and I want to be a part of that.”

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Adam Llorens ‘14, Film, Television, and Theatre

Broadcast associate, CBS Sports

“You have so much opportunity at Notre Dame. There are so many people here wanting to support you and help you and guide you and mentor you along the way. They want to see you be successful. You can do anything you want--the sky truly is the limit.”

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Anna Vanegmond


Anna VanEgmond ’14, Sociology

IT advisory cybersecurity privacy experienced associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Walking into professional environments, you see that being in the College of Arts and Letters, you’ve been given the foundation to succeed—to really make an impact on these companies and take what you’ve been given at Notre Dame and pay it forward.”

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Sean Cotter ’15, Art History

Art history master’s degree student, University of London Courtauld Institute of Art

“I’ve learned how to creatively approach so many different issues through sociology, through political science, through archaeology. Every class, I learned something new about how to approach a different problem, how to address a different issue. And it’s made me such an aware person.”

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Kellie Travis ’14, Russian and Political Science

Vanderbilt University Law School

“My Russian major helped me stand out in applications to law schools. The cross-disciplinary classes I took really broadened my understanding of the world and improved my analytical and writing skills. My education was tremendously beneficial in improving my understanding of the world around me.”

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Catherine Reidy Headshot


Catherine Reidy ’13, Psychology

Clarendon Scholar, University of Oxford

“Notre Dame invests a lot in its undergraduates and gives us a lot of responsibility. That enhances the quality of students’ research--you take it and embrace it. And having exposure to different disciplines has informed my own interests and research trajectories. It’s been really important to my development as a person and as an academic to know what’s going on in the world outside my discipline.”

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Patrick Salemme


Patrick Salemme ’14, Anthropology and Arts and Letters Pre-health

Year of service, Partners In Health, Mexico

University of Buffalo School of Medicine

“Studying anthropology was crucial in my decision to pursue global health. It taught me to look beyond the world that we live in and better understand why we practice the things we do.”

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