More Arts and Letters in The World

Wendy Wang ’06, Political Science

Vice president, BlackRock, Hong Kong

“The value of a liberal arts education is not so much about the here and now, because a lot of jobs that currently exist will change in the next five or 10 years. A liberal arts education prepares you for future challenges.”

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Linda Gase, English

Co-executive producer, Switched at Birth

“At Notre Dame, I really honed my voice. I was constantly exploring my point of view, my critical thinking. That’s what makes me a strong writer today.”

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Dan Hesse ’75, Government and International Studies

Former CEO, Sprint

“Liberal arts majors are good critical thinkers who can deal with ambiguity--the absence of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers-- which is more akin to how the real world works.”

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Nancy Ruscheinski ’84, American Studies

Vice chair, client engagement, Edelman

“The world is so desperate for creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers. 21st-century employers know that passionate interests lead to passionate employees. And passionate, socially savvy employees are very good for business.”

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Patrick Burke ’06, History

Director of player safety, National Hockey League

“The history major has so many practical applications in the corporate world. I could change jobs tomorrow, and I’m convinced I would make myself an asset based on those skills.”

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Bill Kennedy ’90, Economics

Portfolio manager, Fidelity Investments, London

“My career grew right out of my Arts and Letters degree. I spend time talking, researching, and going to untraditional sources--because you need an edge. You have to have an inquisitive nature.”

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Emily Dore Yuhas ’10, History

Consultant, Mindset Digital

“Startups are often looking for someone who can jump in, make a difference, and be flexible. When you’re a history major, you are so flexible in what you can do, and startups are a great fit.”

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Chris Down ’93, Design

Senior vice president and general manager, Hot Wheels, Mattel Inc.

“Choosing a more balanced liberal arts education--instead of just a design program--really set me up to succeed at my first job. It has also been a competitive advantage as I move through my career.”

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Peter Bevacqua ’93, English and Film, Television, and Theatre

CEO, Professional Golfers Association of America

“What I love about the Arts and Letters background is you have so many options when you get out of Notre Dame. You’re not forced to make that decision so early in your life. If I was pigeon-holed, I wouldn’t be in the golf industry.”

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