Business Opportunities

From history and film to economics, anthropology, or the classics, you can study what you love in the College of Arts and Letters while also developing the thinking skills employers will value most throughout your career—analyzing data, writing effectively, speaking persuasively, and problem solving. Every major in the College will prepare you to think, adapt, and succeed in today’s constantly evolving business world and The Career Center's experts are ready to help you find that first job. That being said, there are some specific academic tracks within Arts and Letters that might appeal to liberal arts students who are specifically interested in business careers.  

Business Economics Minor

Open to Arts and Letters students from all majors, the business economics minor is designed to complement the marketplace adaptability of liberal arts graduates. 

Collaborative Innovation Minor

Open to students from across the University, this collaborative, project-based minor focuses on the principles of design thinking—a powerful approach for solving real-world problems. In the capstone course, Collaborative Product Development, students work in teams with corporate partners to solve a variety of challenges—from global distribution to product innovation to community outreach.

Computing and Digital Technologies Minor

This minor was designed with input from Arts and Letters alumni who are business leaders in technology. Offered in conjunction with the College of Engineering, it offers a foundation for liberal arts students interested in all facets of technology—from technology consulting and cyber security to the digital arts and humanities.

Financial Economics and Econometrics Concentration

This concentration major offers fast-paced, rigorous training in financial economics that will prepare students for careers in investment management, banking, research and policymaking. This selective program is open to economics and international economics majors, who must apply during sophomore year.

International Economics Major

Combining rigorous economics coursework with advanced training in a language, the international economics major develops business leaders and global citizens who have both the analytical and cultural skills needed to navigate today’s interconnected world economy. 

Reilly Arts and Letters/Engineering Dual Degree Program

Hosted in the John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, the 5-year dual degree program allows students to combine professional training in engineering with valuable humanistic, artistic, and social scientific perspectives.